Community health program Swain Summits kicks off Sept. 1


In this busy life and during this unprecedented pandemic, it is difficult to find enough time for healthy activities, work, school, family and other obligations. In Swain County, we are making it a priority to help you find balance. To demonstrate this commitment to well being, Swain County Health Department and Swain Community Hospital have partnered (along with support from MountainWise) once again, to bring you Swain Summits, a community-wide wellness initiative.

Swain Summits is a one of a kind community endeavor available to all residents of Swain County or full-time employees in Swain County age 18 years or older. The current program has 233 participants.  The goal is to inspire and nurture the healthy spirit among Swain residents one challenge and one step at a time. The program aims to empower community members through genuine connection and support.

Swain Summits will be kicking off again this next month with health screening dates set to start Sept. 1. The health screenings will look different this year. They will be by appointment only and following all COVID-19 screening and infection control protocols.  So, checkout Swain Summits’ events sign-up link on Facebook to register for your screening or contact Trish Hipgrave at (488-3198). Get ready to be a part of something big!

Here is just a few things current participants are saying about the program:

“I haven’t lost the weight, however I am no longer prediabetic and I am down to half a blood pressure pill a day when I was at two to three a day so this is a win-win.”   

“This program has been surprisingly fun with different challenges to choose from each month.” “I missed a few months, but was encouraged by one of the coaches to join back in anytime!  I cannot wait to see my results in September, I have already lost 20 pounds.”

“This program and the challenges was one of the few things keeping me going during this pandemic.”

Swain Summits is an ongoing, points-based system where community members earn points for engaging in healthy activities such as reporting adequate sleep, physical activity, water intake, healthy food choices, stress reduction, annual exams with physicians, and much more. Participants will be guided with informative videos and given challenges throughout the year, all while being rewarded with good health, prizes and other surprises along the way.

There is no cost to Swain County community members to participate!

Be sure to like our Facebook page to get the most updated information on the program and sign-up for a screening: @SwainSummits  If you are not on Facebook, give Trish Hipgrave a call at the Swain County Health Department.

For more information contact:

Trish Hipgrave - 828.488.3198 x 2027 -