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Hope Springs will help some start a new chapter

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It’s no secret there is a lack of resources available to help people in recovery in Swain Community. That is, until now. 

Through many people pulling together, Hope Springs will now offer a safe place for men who are just out of recovery to get back on their feet and restored. 

Bryson City Church of God’s Pastor Marty Pressley said of Hope Springs House: “This vision started through a college paper I was writing. This vision reminded me of the dream I wanted to have when I was much younger.  The dream I had was to help the unfortunate and help those who have been making poor decisions in their lives. I don’t want to say the addicted because they are already labeled with a stigma, and I want to help lessen that label.”

The vision began taking a real world shape after Pressley discussed the idea during a sermon. One of the members of congregation brought the spark that lit the fire. Why not now, she said. Pressley agreed. 

“From there, several churches opened up their doors for me to come and share my vision,” he said. “It has been wonderful to see such a collaboration of different sects pulling together for the same purpose. This has truly been a community effort, and I could not be more thankful.”

To see Hope Springs become a success, the need for continued support is great, he added, such as volunteers and donors. 

“We need continued support, and the more folks pull together, the stronger we are going to get with this ministry,” he said. 

Natala Mohl has been a vital part in getting the house up and running. 

This has been a passion of hers for quite some time. 

“I have always had a heart for serving,” she said. “Helping people in transition, drug abuse, sexual/domestic violence, whatever it may be. I want to help strengthen folks.”  

She started attending church at Bryson City Church of God when she moved to Swain County last year.

“Pastor Marty and I were talking one night after church and all of a sudden he began disclosing Hope Springs plans with me. Before you knew it,  we were talking about something much, much bigger than us and we knew we had to get to work to make this happen.” 

She describes the mission of Hope Springs as a place where the men on a path to recovery will be able to draw on their spirituality for strength. They will also be able to gain professional and educational experience through the church. She also hopes they will gain the desire to become volunteers in the community as well. 

The plan is to open the house in October. Hope Sorings is accepting applications for residents. 

The house will: celebrate recovery; have family night on Thursdays; host teaching groups and classes to provide basic skills so many people lack due to never being taught; expand its volunteer base; and link people to peers and mentors to continue building support. 

For more information or to apply for residency, email pastormartypress@gmail.com or call 736-1777; or contact Natala Mohl at nmohl21@gmail.com or call 488-0341.

Hope Springs will have a yard sale on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 13 and Sept. 14 at the Jackson Line Storage unit. 

Hope Springs House will host an Open House Saturday, Sept. 21 from 5-7 p.m. The house is located at 435 Cold Springs (directly across from Cold Springs Baptist). 

If anyone would like to donate towels, toiletries, or other household supplies, you can contact Natala Mohl. 

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