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PAWS rescues dog shot with an arrow

Ms A on the mend
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Local animal advocacy agency and shelter, PAWS, was to the rescue for a dog truly in need recently. The dog, given the shelter name “Ms A,” was found shot through her body with an arrow. 

Someone called PAWS Friday to report they saw the small dog running around with an arrow through her body and that she was a stray.

PAWS Executive Director Beth Cline-Stroud and Shelter Manager Jesse Fortner went on the search for the dog. They finally found her. She had crawled onto a chair on someone’s porch and was in a critical condition. 

“A good Samaritan called us on Friday,” Cline-Stroud said. “We’re so thankful he did because she would be dead otherwise.”

They rushed the dog to REACH Animal Hospital in Asheville for surgery, where the arrow was safely removed. One stabilized the dog while the other person made the hour and a ½ drive. They both feared the dog might not make it. 

“We took her in the chair because we didn’t want to move her. We knew we could trim the arrow, and we knew we couldn’t take the arrow out,” Cline-Stroud said. “She was in critical condition. They stabilized her and then they did the surgery to remove the arrow.”

Beth Cline-Stroud, PAWS executive director, has been visiting Ms A every day since as the dog stays at REACH to recover. The dog finally started eating on Monday, hand fed by Cline-Stroud. 

“She’s so sweet,” Cline-Stroud said. “I don’t know how anybody could do that.”

PAWS shared the dog’s story on Facebook immediately, and has been raising the funds to help pay for Ms A’s veterinary care. 

“We’re calling her Ms A, and I know that’s a strange name, but when we took her to REACH we didn’t have a name for her; all I was thinking about was saving her life,” Cline-Stroud said. “Her name got put in as ‘Arrow,’ and I don’t want her being called Arrow. I decided to call her Ms A.”

She had additional surgery this week to address tissue damage. Cline-Stroud estimates Ms A had the arrow in her for around three days. She will have a long recovery and will remain in the hospital for about a week. 

Once Ms A is released from the hospital, she will be under the care of Cline-Stroud or another person with PAWS who can either change her wound dressing or bring her back to REACH daily for wound dressing changes. 

“I think once she has had these surgeries and her wounds heal up, it didn’t hit her spine and— thank goodness— It was inches away from some of her vital organs, I think she can regain everything and have a perfectly great life,” Cline-Stroud said. “She will be up for adoption.”

PAWS will be selective with Ms A’s adoption. 

All donations to help pay for the more than $6,000 in medical bills for Ms A are appreciated. 

“We’re a small shelter in a rural area…We appreciate all the donors that will help us with this; her vet bill is increasing daily.”

There are several ways that you can donate to Ms A’s medical expenses.

You can mail a check to PAWS at our address PO Box 1814, Bryson City, NC 28713 or go to our weblink at http://www.pawsbrysoncity.org/donate.html or you can come by PAWS Thrift Store at 110 Bryson Walk Bryson City, NC 28713 to leave a donation for her continued care.

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