Cherokee tribal council, school board election results

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Enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians headed to the polls yesterday (Sept. 7) to select candidates for the 12 member EBCI Tribal Council and candidates to serve on the Cherokee Central Schools Board of Education.

Polls closed at 6 p.m. at polling locations at the community centers. Early voting was also held for this election that went to Sept. 1. Staff at Board of Elections Office said the election went smoothly.

The following are the unofficial results. The two highest vote getters for tribal council will serve. The highest vote better for school board will serve. The votes will become official once they are certified by Tribal Council.

Tribal Council candidates will serve 2 year terms. School board candidates will serve 4 year terms, and in 2 years the board seats from Cherokee’s other committees will be up for election.

Candidates have two days to request a recount for races that are close. Then, they have five days to protest with that cut-off date closing at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

For more information, contact EBCI Board of Elections office at 828-359-6361.


Unofficial Results:



Big Cove Tribal Council

Richard French 236 votes (33.48%)

Perry Shell 174 votes (24.68%)

Fred Penick 162 votes (22.98%)

Lori Taylor 133 votes (18.87%)


Big Y Tribal Council

Bo Crowe 513 votes (34.66%)

Jeremy Wilson 385 votes (26.01%)

Sam “Frell” Reed 344 votes (23.24%)

Dennis Edward (Bill) Taylor 238 (16.08%)


Birdtown Tribal Council

Albert Rose 431 votes (25.67%)

Boyd Owle 506 votes (30.14%)

Ashley Sessions 419 votes (24.96%)

Travis Smith 323 votes (19.24%)


Cherokee County Tribal Council

Bucky Brown 237 votes (27.12%)

Adam Wachacha 234 votes (26.77%)

Larry Blythe 210 votes (24.03%)

Janell Rattler 193 votes (22.08%)


Painttown Tribal Council

Tommye Saunooke 208 votes (30.41%)

Lisa Taylor 160 votes (23.39%)

Yona Wade 157 votes (22.95%)

Terri Henry 159 (23.25%)


Yellowhill Tribal Council

David Wolfe 254 votes (35.47%)

Tom Wahnetah 212 votes (29.61%)

Charles Penick 148 votes (20.67%)

Anita Welch Lossiah 102 votes (14.25%)



Big Cove School Board

Karen “French” Browning 206 votes (55.23%)

Tammy Bradley 167 votes (44.77%)


Birdtown School Board

Gloria “Punkin” Griffin 505 votes (55.99%)

Sasha McCoy Watty 396 votes (44.01%)


Wolftown School Board

Isaac (Ike) Long 290 votes (51.24%)

Chelsea Taylor Saunooke 276 votes (48.76%)

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