SMT earns Best of CNI runner-up award for 2017

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What does a publisher do? A question I get so often. 

From movies to television, all anyone ever sees is the inquisitive journalist and the hard nose editor. If I had a nickel for every time someone says about me, “oh, she’s the editor of the paper," I would have retired by now. In truth, nine times out of ten, I usually correct them, because Jessica Webb is the editor. 

She keeps the news flowing through the office, making sure facts are straight and that we maintain our editorial direction, especially these days without a staff reporter. It is a position she earns every week as the paper goes out the door. 

But, back to the question at hand: What does a publisher do? 

I won't go into the specifics, but I’ll sum it up like this: some days I wear heels, sit in meetings with community leaders, do sales calls, work on budgets and have beautiful straight hair. Others days, I have my very curly hair in a bun, have dirty hands from working on a newspaper box, attempt to fix window blinds with mailing labels or I sit at my desk for 10 hours working on a layout and wonder why I am SO hungry. 

 The position has its days. Every job/career/position does. But I also know I have a fantastic staff here, and without our little team, we could not put out a quality product. Dare I say, award-winning newspaper.

Community Newspapers Inc. has owned Smoky Mountain Times for more than three decades and as national media continues to get hammered, I am grateful that I work for a company that understands autonomy, and that a community newspaper cannot be managed without people who live in the community day in and day out.

Every year, the 26 newspapers of CNI are invited to participate in the company’s annual Better Newspaper contest and awards program.

CNI has continued to have success at the state press association contests, thus they decided to focus our company contest and awards program to recognizing the newspaper staffs that have shown superior performance and general excellence as they address the CNI mission of publishing distinguished newspapers.

The Best of CNI award is split into two divisions, based on revenue. The points that count toward Best of CNI are awarded from the contest entries and other areas. I am pleased to say that our little staff was awarded second place. I am very pleased with this and it makes me strive for first. Not just for the ownership of knowing that we are successful within our company, but more importantly, because the residents of Swain County and the subscribers of the Smoky Mountain Times deserve it. If you are a subscriber or local advertiser I want to personally thank you, without your constant support we would be unable to do what we do. 


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