Swain places 2nd at Osley B. Saunooke Tournament

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Swain competed at the Osley B. Saunooke Tournament on Saturday, January 5 and placed 2nd overall among 17 competing schools. 

Pigeon Forge was the champion team with an overall team score of 119.5 with Swain 2nd with an overall score of 112.5. 

106: John Parton (SWCO) over Jacob Norton (GWY); Collier Foster (Polk) over John Parton (SWCO) Dakota Tehandon (MIT) over John Parton (SWCO); 113: Kanon Abercrombie (UC) over Seth Ledford (SWCO); Elijah Smith (MIT) over Seth Ledford (SWCO); 120: Colin Roberts (PF) over Sam Green (SWCO); Sam Green over Austin Dover (MH); Sam Green over Cade Vuaghn (AND); 126: Nate Brock (SWCO) over Alan Lopez (ER); Nate Brock (SWCO) over Josh Parton (PF); Hunter Dover (CHS) over Nate Brock (SWCO); 132: Garret Foreman (PF) over Dhruv Senghani (SC); Jesus Sauza (SWCO) over Cole Scoggins (ER); Randy Moretz (Ros) over Jesus Sauza (SWCO); Jason Smith (MIT) over Dhruv Senghani (SWCO); Jesus Sauza (SWCO) over Cole Scoggins (ER); Brennan Worthington (Polk) over Jesus Sauza (SWCO); 138: Tucker Marshall (EH) over Caleb Shields (SWCO); Jonas Trejon (SWCO) over Devon Triplett (ACR); Jonas Trejon (SWCO) over Trevor Guild (UC); CJ Dyer (PF) over Jonas Trejon; 145: Colby Dalon (PF) over Lucas Brown (SWCO); Lucas Brown (SWCO) over Ben Pongetti (UC); Lucas Brown (SWCO) over Christian Angel (MH); Lucas Brown (SWCO) over Israel Maltba (MIT); 152: Tyler Morgan (ACR) over Hunter Craig; Hunter Craig (SWCO) over Cameron Greene (MIT); Hunter Craig (SWCO) over Sam Sneed (GWY); Hunter Craig (SWCO) over Michael Riddle (MH); 160: Damian Lossiah (SWCO) over Logan Tritt (UC); Calvin Jones (ER) over Damian Lossiah (SWCO); Damian Lossiah (SWCO) over Nathanial Greer (EH); Zane Ramey (ROS) over Damian Lossiah (SWCO); 170: Cameron Holley (ER) over Ian Brooks (SWCO); Ian Brooks (SWCO) over Jaden Welch (GWY); Sean Phillips (UC) over Ian Brooks (SWCO) fall; 182: Cody Long (SWCO) over Ian Crowe (GWY); Jesse Sutphin (ER) over Cody Long (SWCO); Cody Long over David Wolfe (PF); 195: Cloyde Ponchot over John Roberts (ACR); Clyde Ponchot (SWCO) over Randy Stuart (ER); Grayson Parker (EH) over Clyde Ponchot (SWCO); 220: Carlos Sendano (Polk) over Brenn Jackson (SWCO); 285: Noland Brown over Robert Ward (CHS); Noland Brown (SWCO) over Isaiah Watts (MH); Hudson Boone (MIT) over Noland Brown (SWCO); Troy Allison (EH) over Lloyd Teesateskie (SWCO); 

Swain County hosted Hayesville on Thursday, January 3 for a big conference win 72-12. 

138: Jonas Trejo (SWCO) over William  Wimpey (HAYE) (Fall 3:27) 145: Lucas Brown (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 152: Hunter Craig (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 160: Hunter Burrell (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 170: Damian Lossiah (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 182: Cody Long (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 195: Cyle Ponchot (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 220: Brenn Jackson (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 285: Noland Brown (SWCO) over Jimmy Donalson (HAYE) (Fall 0:35) 106: Kevin Cook (HAYE) over John Parton (SWCO) (Fall 1:22) 113: Keith Cook (HAYE) over Allen Ledford (SWCO) (Fall 0:46) 120: Samuel  Green (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 126: Zachary Cline (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 132: Nathan Brock (SWCO) over   (HAYE) (For.) 

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